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Sunny returns to SAXON PUB with gal pal, Brennen Leigh

Sunny and one of her best friends, singer/songwriter, Brennen Leigh, return to the Saxon Pub this Tuesday, October 20 at 8PM. Sunny is getting back to her first love, acoustic music and listening rooms.  The Saxon Pub is an Austin, TX icon and a very intimate venue that allows the artists to get personal with and interact with the audience. Their shows are booked once a month. Dates are as follows:

Tuesday, OCT 20 8PM

Tuesday, NOV 17 8PM

Tuesday, DEC 15 8PM

Tuesday, JAN 19 8PM

Tuesday FEB 9 8PM

Tuesday MAR 22 8PM

Tuesday APR 19 8PM

Tuesday MAY 17 8PM

Sunny and Brennen have been writing songs together for over a decade. Here's one they wrote a couple months ago called, "BUT YOU LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC".

Come enjoy laughs, and some good country music and storytelling.




NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- (June 23, 2015)- It’s not every day that a woman tops the Texas charts with back-to-back No.1s. In fact, this week Sunny Sweeney sets a new record as the first female to have ever reached No.1 with consecutive singles in the history of the Texas charts. 

“My Bed,” a duet sung by Sweeney and GRAMMY nominated Will Hoge, is the second single off Sweeney’s critically acclaimed album Provoked, following the success of her first single “Bad Girl Phase,” which spent two weeks at No.1 in fall of 2014.  

"I am very honored to be the first female to ever have two number one songs back to back on the Texas music chart,” Sweeney expressed. “I believe firmly that if you just keep following your heart and working your butt off, you will see the payoff and positive results. Being able to finally work with my friend Will Hoge was so exciting for me. The addition of his voice completed the song.”

“My Bed,” written by Sweeney, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, is an emotional and meditative ballad about the dissolution of a marriage. Sweeney, who has been through a divorce herself, says she has been touched to see the emotional connections her fans have with this song. 

“People have come up to me after shows and said, 'I've been there.' I said, 'Me too, honey.' I think everybody has, not necessarily a marriage, but a bad breakup where you're at that point,” Sweeney told Billboard. “To me, it's one of those stories to where if I heard it as a fan, I would relate to it. I've been through that before and I wish I had that to listen to. Music helps me cope, it has my whole life. I'm excited that everybody is digging it." 

Not only are Sweeney’s fans digging it, but she’s turning critics’ heads as well. The Tennessean called the Texas native “stone cold country” in its recommendation of “Don’t Miss Acts” of CMA Fest 2015. Rolling Stone also projected Sweeney to be one of the “CMA Fest 2015: 25 Must-See Acts,” noting “She frequently injects her songs with a biting sense of humor but can also pull off a heartbreaking ballad beautifully, like her recent ‘My Bed’ duet with Will Hoge, from the excellent Provoked LP. Best of all, Sweeney's unfiltered approach means never knowing what might happen during a show.” And it looks like she didn’t disappoint as Rolling Stone again named her one of the “30 Best Things We Saw At CMA Fest,” labeling her performance a “balls out set.” 

Sweeney, who set the record as the first female in a decade to reach the top spot on the Texas music charts with “Bad Girl Phase” last fall, released her third studio album Provoked with Thirty Tigers/ Aunt Daddy Records. Thirty Tigers’ Founder and President David Macias expressed his gratitude for Texas radio’s constant support of Sweeney. 

"We thank Texas radio as they show again that they are as open to great tomatoes as well as great lettuce,” said Macias. “We are unceasingly proud of Sunny. Her top shelf music and fighting independent spirit are so appreciated by all of us at Thirty Tigers."

Provoked, which Rolling Stone ranked among the Top 10 Country albums of 2014, is proof according to The Washington Post that “she [Sweeney] still belongs alongside Miranda Lambert and Gretchen Wilson on Nashville’s A-list of no-guff-takers.” Earlier this year, Sweeney spent time on the road with Lambert as part of her Certified Platinum Tour and continues to play dates throughout the US this summer. 

For more information about Sunny Sweeney, visit or follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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A record attendance is expected at the Music and Movies in the Park series concert finale with Sunny Sweeney.

FORNEY, Texas — A record attendance is expected at the Music and Movies in the Park series concert finale with Sunny Sweeney. 

Sunny Sweeney, who will be performing fresh off a performance at the CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee, will take the stage at the Mick Spellman Amphitheater Thursday at 7:30 p.m. 

Sweeney, a Houston-born, Longview-raised singer, has been dubbed one of country music’s rising stars, was recently on tour with Miranda Lambert, and was nominated Best New Female Vocalist at the 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards. 


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Sunny Sweeney Attends White House Correspondents' Association Dinner as Guest of THE WASHINGTON TIMES

Sweeney performed at The Washington Times’ event to thank the Wounded Warriors’ caregivers. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 29, 2015 – When acclaimed country singer and songwriter Sunny Sweeney was invited by The Washington Times to perform at their private event for Wounded Warriors’ caregivers and attend The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner as a guest of The Washington Times, Sweeney swiftly obliged.  An avid supporter of the armed forces and wife of an Austin Police Department sergeant, Sweeney was honored to have the opportunity to thank those servicemen and women who serve as well as their caregivers.
On Friday, April 24, the 2013 ACM New Artist of the Year nominee performed songs including her recent Texas chart-topping single “Bad Girl Phase,” as well as her current heart-wrenching ballad “My Bed,” which is currently No. 3 and No. 6 on the Texas Regional Chart and Texas Music Chart respectively, among others. After performing, Sweeney met with Wounded Warriors’ caregivers and veterans to thank them for their support. The Times partnered with the Freedom Alliance, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, Mission BBQ and The Washington Redskins Salute program for the private event for veterans.  
The following evening, Sweeney attended the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, commonly known as the “nerd prom” as The Washington Times’ guest. Sweeney wore a gown by Jovani.
“It was an honor and a career highlight to be able to go to such a once in a lifetime event and I cannot thank The Washington Times enough for including me,” Sweeney expressed.
The weekend of events in the nation’s capital was a very moving one for Sweeney. Having recently performed at the CPAC and NRA conventions, Sweeney strives to be an involved citizen and patriot throughout the country. Sweeney places great value on those who serve, and those who care for the country’s service men and women; Sweeney’s family stems from a long line of relatives who have served in various branches of the military, including her husband’s service in the US Air Force. 
Sweeney, who most recently toured with Miranda Lambert, is set to play Love City Country Music Festival in the U.S. Virgin Islands on May 16 as well as the Bud Light Plaza Stage during CMA Fest in Nashville, Tenn. For a full list of tour dates, visit
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Country star Sunny Sweeney, Times salute Wounded Warrior caregivers

It’s often called the “nerd prom,” the one time of the year when Washington elite, Hollywood celebrities and powerbrokers from around the country descend on the nation’s capital to break bread and make light of an often tense and divisive political atmosphere, when even sharp barbs at the leader of the free world are in bounds.

In the midst of the glitz and glamour, The Washington Times used the weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner as an opportunity to thank the nation’s veterans and their caregivers, the unsung heroes of the Wounded Warriors campaign.

On Friday, The Times, in partnership with the Freedom Alliance, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, Mission BBQ and the Washington Redskins Salute program, welcomed veterans and their families for a private event featuring country music star Sunny Sweeney.

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Taste of Country: Sunny Sweeney and Will Hoge Shine in "My Bed" Music Video Shoot

Sunny Sweeney’s heart-wrenching “My Bed” — which features fellow country artist Will Hoge — is an emotional song that chronicles the breakdown of a marriage. The hauntingly beautiful track from Sweeney’s 2014 album Provoked now has an equally emotional music video.

Directed by Michael Poncé, the video features Sweeney and Hoge sitting on opposite sides of the bed, facing away from each other. Their distance conveys the emotional distance of the couple in the song.

“We all collectively came up with the whole idea,” Sweeney tells Rolling Stone Country of the concept for the “My Bed” video. “But once the idea got past the initial stage, I deferred to them [the director and management team] to actually run with it. … As a music fan, I love seeing the music video — especially if it tells a story and puts the nail in the coffin for the song. That’s why I think videos are so important, because you can make them tell the story just by something as small as facial expressions or the way that you look at the camera.”

“I think video directors are interesting,” adds Hoge. “You hear the song and you go, ‘OK, we should do a video of us sitting on the bed and the chorus should be us singing together.’ But the director takes these concepts … like, I would never have thought, ‘You sit on this portion of the bed’ and then they turn the bed around and it makes everything cohesive. It’s fun for me as an outsider to come in and go, ‘Wow, OK. That takes this little concept you have it makes it this big cinematic thing.’”


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Sunny Sweeney Talks About Marriage And Acting On 'My Bed' Video Set

3/29/2015 2:30 PM ET

Sunny Sweeney's new video for "My Bed," which stars Will Hoge, is an emotional story of divorce. The song hits home for Sweeney, who was divorced once before.

"It's so emotional," she tells Rolling Stone. "I don't drive around and listen to my own music, but for the last two weeks I've been listening to this song a lot because I knew we were doing the video for it. There were a couple of emotional days where I just started crying because I'm happy right now. I'm happily married and actually find it hard to write songs about that time in my life now. I have to actually make myself physically go there instead of just accidentally already being there."

She adds that even though the video shoot was an easy process, she hasn't quite been bit by the acting bug.

"I love my job," Sweeney says. "I sometimes really can't believe it's my job. So I think I'll just stick with singing. I wouldn't mind doing a walk-on role on one of my favorite murder shows or cop shows. . . or Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck. Just sayin'."

by RTT Staff Writer

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Country Songstress Sunny Sweeney Uses PixelFLEX FLEXCurve LED in Music Video to Tell the Story of “My Bed”


Country Songstress Sunny Sweeney Uses PixelFLEX FLEXCurve LED in

Music Video to Tell the Story of “My Bed”

Bold LED Screen Reveals Contrast in Heartbreaking Ballad Music Video


Nashville, March 25, 2015 – Sunny Sweeney’s duet with Will Hoge of “My Bed” addresses the heartache at the end of a failed marriage while bringing the memory of classic country days like a George Jones and Tammy Wynette duet. The Parnelli Award-winning FLEXCurve LED tiles from PixelFLEX gives the boldness and contrast needed to shoot a music video for the song off the country songstress’ new album, Provoked.

The video is a two-scene set up, with Sweeney and Hoge performing on a white bed against a stark, black background. The idea for the chorus was to have a complete opposite, almost oxymoronic feel to the forlorn meaning of the song. Sweeney and Hoge sing into a vintage microphone while the FLEXCurve blasts imagery of blissful wedding days and happier times.

Music video director Michael Poncé worked with PixelFLEX Project Manager Mark McIntosh to design the scenes to convey a direct and immersive emotional setting using the LED video wall.

“Actually having the LED video wall during the performance was great because one, they show up great on camera, and two, it helped to shoot a better story and ultimately helps to tell a better story,” Poncé said. “I think you get a better performance out of the artist – they’re also seeing the imagery some of the time, and it works a little better than something a little bit more traditional than a big wide, empty space. It’s one more tool to tell a story. And they can be used for any other type of music video to tell a story.”

The FLEXCurve screen can be curved from -10 to 10 degrees, allowing both concave and convex contours like the one used in the “My Bed” music video. With a refresh rate of more than 1200Hz, it is extremely camera-friendly and perfect for television and film. The curvable LED screen is currently used by many touring acts including reigning Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan and movie star and rapper Ice Cube.

To view the “My Bed” music video, visit for the exclusive video release. 

For more information on PixelFLEX and its growing line of lightweight LED video screens, visit PixelFLEX at Follow them @LEDCurtain and on Facebook.



Sunny Sweeney Premieres "My Bed" Video On CMT and!


Sweeney’s heart-wrenching duet with Will Hoge is the second single off her third studio album Provoked

 NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (March 24, 2015) – Sunny Sweeney, known for unapologetically real lyrics, bears it all in her vulnerable new single “My Bed,” featuring Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Will Hoge. Sweeney will release the “My Bed” music video as the first video off her album Provoked, and it will premiere exclusively on CMT and today, March 24, 2015 in the 6 a.m. ET hour. Check out the video here.

Directed by Michael Poncé, the video gives an intimate look into the deterioration of a marriage, portrayed by Sweeney and Hoge. The video features flashback video clips of romantic, happy moments juxtaposed against current footage of the couple as distance grows between them.  

 “Obviously, I love a song if I’ve ever recorded it. But, not everything becomes a single and even fewer singles become a video,” explained Sweeney. “Will [Hoge]’s vocals really took this song to another level in the studio and now his performance on camera is piercingly captivating for me. Director Michael Poncé captured our vision for this song and we had a great day making this video.”

"Sunny has one of the finest voices around.” Expressed Hoge.  “I love her songs and how they always seem to paint a picture. The video perfectly captures the true sadness of a relationship falling apart right before your eyes. She's also someone I consider a close friend so the opportunity to get to work with her on this track was an absolute no brainer for me.”

“My Bed” is the second single from Sweeney’s critically acclaimed third studio album, Provoked, which was named as one of the Top Ten Country Albums of 2014 by Rolling Stone.

“It was a great experience working with Sunny and Will on ‘My Bed’,” said Poncé. “Their chemistry together really brought the song and lyrics to life during their performance."

Alan Cackett, editor of Maverick Magazine, gave Provoked rave reviews, writing: "Excellent songwriting abounds ... each song is made with nuggets of intelligent original creativity, and the rootsy production perfectly captures the essence of the songs. It sounds like real, handmade country music, from some world-class makers."

The Washington Post notes, “On her third album, Sweeney sings about lonely hearts, cheating hearts and busted hearts with her chin up, proving she still belongs alongside Miranda Lambert and Gretchen Wilson on Nashville's A-list of no-guff-takers" and No Depression observes that Sweeney “gives voice to a reality lovers often can’t bring themselves to acknowledge — that the intimacy between them has hardened into strangeness.”

Sweeney just came off the road with Miranda Lambert where she opened for select dates on Lambert’s Certified Platinum Tour. The run included a hometown show at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas where Amy McCarthy of The Dallas Observer called Sweeney “an artist who deserves the same type of fame that Lambert has achieved after working it out for years on Texas' stages. [. . .] Sweeney's similar badass Texas girl brand is infectious and enjoyable to listen to... If there has ever been stronger proof that Texas grows the most badass women on the planet than this bill, I'll eat my hat.”

Sweeney is the only female to take the top spot in the last 10 years on the Texas Music Charts, with her last single “Bad Girl Phase.” The single was named No. 12 on Rolling Stone’s Best Country Songs of 2014.

For more information about Sunny Sweeney, visit or follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. 

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